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    Original art that elevates and anchors your spaces

Art is a visible expression

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Hand Painted Styling Mats

MP Styling Surfaces are collections of hand painted, highly textured styling mats.

They are created in small batches, so each styling mat is entirely unique. 

The rich textures of MP Styling Surfaces add depth and an old world charm to your styled shoots. 

Each original styling surface is meant to replicate the patina of an antique chateau wall, or the stone of well- worn pathway and make such irresistible textures easily accessible for you, your clients, and your brand shoots. 

And One of a Kind Backdrops

MP Backdrops are collections of hand painted backgrounds for photographing both models and larger detail shots.

These are made with fellow creative business owners, wedding photographers, and event planners specifically in mind. 

And the art with which you surround yourself

can be an anchor of sorts, reminding you of what is true and right and beautiful.

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  • The Olana luxury wedding and event venue, Madison Popkess ink drawing, handmade paper

    Custom Artwork

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Custom Artwork

Custom Artwork

Custom Artwork

Custom Artwork

Madison was excellent to work with...and thoughtful every step of the way. She was so patient with my requests and was kind and professional throughout the process. Her style is timeless yet refined and surpasses the trends in wedding industry today. I would highly recommend her for illustrations...and I am so excited to have discovered her work, she brings to life your vision and elevates it!

Gracie of Gracie Byrd Jones Photography

Maddy has the perfect balance of listening to design direction and creating unique interpretations based on her intuition. Her ability to focus on details with a trained eyed is refreshing yet polished. Regardless of the medium, as a true artist, she will collaborate and produce something that will move you.

Lauren of Lauren Field Design

Maddy is a phenomenal artist, so it was no surprise when her artwork left us absolutely in awe…This is something we will keep and cherish forever. Her communication is outstanding, her precision and creativity surpass expectations, and I cannot recommend Maddy enough! Thank you Maddy!!

Rachel K.