Madison Popkess, artist, photography by Gracie Byrd Jones

I'm Madison Popkess, an artist based in Austin, Texas. Focusing on watercolor landscapes, architectural drawings, and graphite portraits, my art is an attempt to both elevate and anchor spaces by acting as a reminder of what is true and beautiful. 

My Grandma, who is an artist herself, taught me and my sister how to paint with watercolors at her kitchen table as little girls, and the love of painting just stuck for me. 

That remained true throughout college when I was studying entrepreneurship and simultaneously working for other female entrepreneurs and artists. 

I'm so thankful for the ability to use all that I've learned to pursue this dream of mine, while living with my husband, Wes, here in the heart of Texas. 

Here, you'll find my current collection of original paintings and drawings available as well as small collections of hand painted flatlay styling surfaces. You'll also be able to contact me with inquiries about commissioned artwork. I love drawing custom portraits and venue illustrations, and even custom gifts for your loved ones or clients.